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Pet supplies domestic and horizontal diversification of the road Triangle Associates
Post time:2013-12-18 16:33:54

     In our increasingly complex chain of pet industry , pet supplies always occupy a larger share , which is the largest pet industry under the category of a commodity industry , mainly involving pet clothing, pet toys, pet utensils, pet souvenirs , aquarium supplies, etc. hundreds of species. As the industry has a multi- commodity categories , competition is relatively small , the market potential is characterized by large , investment in this area in recent years, increasing insight , the number of pet products manufacturer accordingly soaring . According to related statistics , the current number of national pet supplies manufacturing enterprises have over 4000 .

     In the past, our pet products mainly export-oriented manufacturing enterprises based products mainly flows into North America, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region pet market . Since 2008 , the international financial crisis, China's export volume dropped pet supplies , pet many manufacturers began marketing its strategic focus to the domestic market . So, for those still do not understand the domestic market situation , sales channels need to be improved in terms of pet supplies business , how to take a good domestic road it? Recently, a marketing expert in the station of the pet industry 's first global e-commerce platform pet network Wang, to address the problem to express their views . Wang said the first analysis , pet supplies sales in the domestic market , the most important thing is as soon as possible to build and expand marketing channels , and actively promote the cultural products of various types of pet supplies , so that our dealers and end all pet owners are familiar with as soon as possible class pet supplies function, role , etc. To achieve this goal, Wang presented to the majority of pet supplies business two suggestions:

     First, the Global Pet Network (http://www.aopets.com/) has opened a special pet supplies channel. Majority of businesses can open businesses here online shops, perfecting corporate data will be uploaded to your own company's products worldwide pet network , and ongoing grid marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing and SNS . Specific operating practices can include free supply and demand business , a lot of upload product images , product description information timely allotment , also you can always online to answer questions such as consulting customers .

     Second, in addition to direct sales of pet supplies pet supermarket , you can also carry out activities UCO even associate with horizontal pet hospital , pet foster care , pet grooming institutions. Global Pet Network currently has a collection of ten thousand kinds of pet -related organizations on the national information and contact details , the majority of pet products manufacturers can actively search for potential partners, and to contact anytime online or offline communication.

    Wang concluded that , from a development point of view of global pet market , annual sales of pet supplies around the world more than 60 billion U.S. dollars . With the continuous improvement of people's living standards , and the continuing influence of western culture, pets , within the next five years , pet supplies manufacturing industry will become the greatest upside potential of an industry . In China, the majority of pet products manufacturers should now be , that is, as soon as convenient to use the Internet and other platforms , occupying a wider potential market.