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Pingyang Pet Supplies eight successful restructuring of business entities
Post time:2013-12-18 16:32:45

        Daily News ( Reporter Wang Mu positive ) corporate reorganization energy BaoTuan What are the benefits ? Located in the town of Saint -wei Tengjiao Pingyang Pet Products Co. , the town recently and other four companies and three successful self-employed officially re- form a new company Saint -wei , the most intuitive change after the restructuring is : including production equipment, land , markets, tangible intangible resources , etc. , only 3 million yuan in fixed assets of the original St. Wei , now total assets reached 50 million yuan , the new enterprise scale ranks second and third in the prefecture industry.

        Shengwei company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of pet supplies, pet toys business, last year exports to more than 7000 million , before restructuring its comprehensive strength ranked fifth county pet supplies industry . General Manager Yang heard Tengjiao town is also one of the domestic pet supplies gathering area , but compared to the urban areas and gathering area near the head of a Pet Supplies counterparts , pet supplies Tengjiao scale enterprises , the strength of shame. In recent years, as market competition intensifies , the difficulty to maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets to increase and enhance the environmental protection efforts of the countries concerned , the raw material from the market , Tengjiao pet products industry companies feel the "low , small, scattered " brings competitive disadvantage . Therefore, from the beginning of the first half of last year, led by the Holy Wei , and other four companies , three self-employed negotiate BaoTuan reorganization bigger.

        Early BaoTuan restructuring progressed smoothly , businesses and the self-employed to participate in the determination of shares in funds and equipment , in addition to the main body to form a new company in San Wai companies, other businesses or dissolution or change jobs , are no longer in the pet supplies industry . However, due to space issues , has been basically completed the preliminary work of the enterprise delays in operations.

        This year, the provincial and municipal governments and relevant departments have introduced policy measures to support the industry, encourage enterprises to hold together , restructuring , innovation, supporting measures around the building have also promote small and micro park to ease enterprise land difficult. Some days ago , San Wei also get new business sites , recently busy formalities , to solve the "home " of the storm enterprises, but also means that after the reorganization of the new enterprise can officially start operations.

        Not only allow enterprises to increase the size of the restructuring , the industry moved up , and therefore will bring more tangible and intangible benefits and long-term future . Yang heard , pet supplies industry in good shape this year , 1-8 months of this year exports reached San Wai 's about 70 million yuan , and last year was flat , but with the increasing scale of the reorganization , not only enhances the enterprise ability to resist risks , but also to ease the fierce competition with each other to lower prices originally brought on production equipment and market development issues such as duplication of investment , profit levels will rise sharply , companies will continue to maintain the good momentum further develop and expand .