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Jimo build a production base in the small village of cage production earning ten million yuan
Post time:2013-12-18 16:30:48

Morning News the city has announced the second batch of intangible cultural heritage , the town of Jimo seven large European cage production process one of them. Yesterday , reporters rushed to interview the big European village with 500 years of history of the village making a birdcage . Reporters found that the village nonagenarian from 8 to 5 -year-olds will make the cage , this cage is not only optimistic about the domestic market , but also exported to the United States , France , the annual profit of more than ten million yuan to make next .

Every household will be unique skills

"In our village , whether it is the elderly, or primary, almost always unique skills do manually cage ." Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the Jimo City, the town saw seven European village , in front of each of the various households, adults and children all sat together making a birdcage . Wu family in the village reporter saw two are over 7 ten days old are elaborate variety of bird cages , an old man told reporters that he will be able to produce 10 Birdcage day. A village cadre told reporters , their village , a total of 500 people, almost every family making a birdcage in the slack , and the production process more refined . Villagers told reporters that they are the ancestors of this hand unique skills passed down from generation to generation . Currently , the village craftsmen specializing in the cage has produced one thousand .

Birdcage production hamlet earned ten million years

Lift the big European village cage , which was well known , not only many domestic customers to order , but also foreigners to buy . A villager surnamed Wu , said a few days ago , the village came a few foreigners , after rolled around , an opening is necessary to provide 10,000 cage , the cage all processed immediately village villagers collection together , overnight processing working towards a 10,000 bird cage , and it would earn millions of dollars .

According to reports, a large village in Europe has produced various varieties cage , small cage The cheapest hundred dollars, the most expensive cage quoted on the yuan. Reporters saw , there are many traditional dragon and phoenix patterns on the cage , it is these beautiful patterns attracted many merchants selling products not only in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai , Guangzhou, Nanchang , Shenyang and other cities nationwide over 30 , but also exported to the United States, France , Japan, Singapore and other countries. A small village by making a birdcage earn thousands of yuan a year.

European village to build a large production base Birdcage

According to reports, a large European bird cage large, medium and small three models, according to shape into round, square , flat, Drum -shaped, convex waist shape. Good selection of bamboo cage making materials Indus wood frame cage ring system will be completed, into the pot cooking . Therefore, the large European bird cage is not dry, no deformation , durable. Reporters learned from the local town government , an area of 120 acres of production base will be completed by the end of the cage and put into production , the bases are completed , the annual production of 200,000 sets new cage , income of 300 million.